There seems to be some confusion around Angels and what they look like.
As you know I am a huge fan, and though big white wings and shiny halos are my preferred option, they can also appear as wonderfully imperfect human beings – just like you and me.

​IMHO Angels are here on earth, come in many forms and usually appear when we need them most. I think we miss this crucial point, and don’t really appreciate a bit of a miracle occurred. Just saying.
Right timing and perfect coincidence tend to be characteristic of Angels, and that’s how you know you’ve been touched by one, because just when you’re about to give up, the answer appears.

A universal belief used to be that Angels simply existed in ‘other land’ and only appeared to ‘the chosen few’; people on earth who were very holy and devout e.g., Mother Theresa. That unless you had given your life over to helping others you didn’t stand a shit show of seeing one anytime soon. BTW It didn’t hurt if you were broke, rejected material goods and were very sage/wise.
Good news is, that old criteria is no longer valid. Angels appear to any and all of us frequently, but we’re usually looking the other way, so we miss them.
Time to open our eyes people!

We need to stop looking for the white fluffy wings and shiny gold halos. We need to start noticing the people that show up in our lives when we need them the most. This could be in the form of a tx, or phone call that resonates, because we needed to hear those exact words, at that exact time.
Whatever form it takes, could be useful to recognise that Angels live among us.

Expecting them to be there in times of stress is common, hoping they will show up is normal. Being grateful that they did doesn’t happen often, and that is where we drop the ball, and need to pick it up asap.
We typically ask for help when we are struggling. That is bog standard human behaviour 101. Everyone does it, including me. We surrender if you like, to something bigger than us, accept how that presents; and then get on with life. When the Angel does appear; we are so relieved in that moment of receiving that we move on with our important lives and forget to acknowledge or appreciate what just happened.
Great, that’s sorted now. Next.

But…How selfish are we? We suddenly find a spiritual belief when life is tough, and somehow it shows up for us, just when we needed it? We are so relieved the nightmare is over, make lots of promises to be better people; and move on? What we missed doing was the ‘Thank you so much for helping me’ speech.
Don’t underestimate the power of that, as apart from being good manners, it sends a message out there that we did notice, we are grateful, and we took note.

It doesn’t have to be weird; we just have to take action like we would if someone did us a massive favour, we show our gratitude.
How we manage that is dealers’ choice, but probably includes:

  • Simply saying a genuine thank you
  • Acknowledging how grateful we are
  • Helping someone else with no strings attached
  • Being kinder to others
  • Noticing how we can help others

We sometimes get this stuff wrong. We expect that when things work out, we were ‘lucky’ or it’s just the result of hard work, or good timing. Although that’s feasible, it’s also likely that an ‘earth angel’ weighed in there somewhere, or the ‘white fluffy winged’ variety had something to do with it. Why not appreciate that we may have been helped by an Angel.

Angels are not mysterious
Have you considered you know one
Or that you might even be one?

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Gloria Masters
Gloria Masters
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