Love or hate them they’re part of life. Rumour has it we think about new beginnings the most in springtime, probably due to cute little lambs frolicking amidst the gorgeous daffodils.
​The noteworthy point about beginnings is that we either embrace or reject them, depending on how we see them, and either way they’re going to change our world view.

Personally, I love beginnings if they’re something I’ve chosen and wanting in my life. The welcome mat appears, is rolled out for all to see and others can witness my new ‘next best’ thing.
On the other hand, if a beginning has been forced on me, it’s not welcome. I tend to respond by loudly encouraging it to take its backpack and water bottle and rack off back to where it came from.
Think LVL4 lockdown.

My new beginning is around starting my next book, and although that’s exciting, it’s also a lot of work. Partly because it takes a long time to formulate my thinking and get ideas down, let alone beginning the process of writing. Even though I want to do this, it still feels hard to start.
During lockdown is a perfect opportunity, but there’s a part of me that can’t be bothered at all, hence my theory that new beginnings are not always so appealing after all.

For some of us we we’ll take charge and make them happen regardless, but for others we struggle to even take the first step. There is no right or wrong, it’s just what makes us different. The question remains though – What do we do when motivation is as unattainable as having dinner with our best friends during lockdown? How do overcome the procrastination?

I remember when I was trying to lose weight, I needed something to motivate me, So I came up with a ‘get up go’ strategy – GUG. I would get up in the morning throw on the walking gear, get out of the house, stomp around the neighbourhood for an hour and come back. Not difficult, and the upside was I felt great later. Point being I didn’t want to do it, didn’t enjoy it for a few weeks, but always felt good for having done it. So, if I apply the same mentality here, i.e.., Stop talking about it and finding 10 reasons why I shouldn’t do it, and just did it. That would work. Right?

Here’s a little strategy I’ve devised, with the first step being: (Drum roll please): Begin!
I know that sounds cliche and obvious but there’s some merit in this:

  1. Create a timetable where this is slotted in e.g., after breakfast
  2. Set aside the exact same time each day to begin this process (having a routine ensures effectiveness)
  3. Have a space designated and prepared where you can achieve this
  4. Spend at least two hours (or allocated time) each day on it
  5. Don’t work out how to do it, just begin to, well, do it
  6. Reward yourself at the end of each day – this could be that Netflix show, or a walk in the sun, basically whatever you enjoy as a treat.

Know that during Lockdown it’s difficult to try and get motivated. For the most resilient and calm among us it’s going to be a challenge at some point to keep sane when there’s only so much wine and food we can consume before feeling yuck, and yes, still bored!

I totally get how motivation can be lacking and I think a few things can help

  1. Accepting where we are right now
  2. Being kind to ourselves
  3. Honouring how we cope as we navigate each new day

We will get through this, and it can be helpful to remember, that our Angels are always watching and available to us 24/7.
Have a lovely weekend, look after yourselves first, and then your loved ones.
Till next time

Gloria Masters
Gloria Masters
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