​Is both humbling and inspiring, and not just for the person feeling it.
When respectfully done, it feels significant and quite powerful.
It comes highly recommended, it has the X factor, and I use it daily.
​So many things happen in life that we just assume should; like people letting us ahead in the queue or holding the door open. Unremarkable, small things that we slowly begin to take for granted. Although that’s just human nature, it may also be time for us to consider the universal kindness of others and the impact this has.
The power of being truly grateful is that it has a ripple effect: It impacts the person receiving it and creates more awareness of the goodness we have in our lives. Win Win all round.

For those of you who read ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne, you will have noticed that ‘gratitude rocks’ were featured: Simply put, as people got up in the morning, they would reach for their gratitude rocks and show their deep felt and genuine gratitude for events or people in their lives. Although it seemed unusual at the time, the underlying premise of being and showing gratitude is something a lot of amazing people did and still do.
People like the Dalai Lama, Oprah and Deepak Chopra.
Every day, these powerful and successful people recall what they are grateful for and express this as a matter of course.
Because there is a unique power in it.
It creates an energy and brings in more of what we give attention to. It grows and subsequently so do the things we are grateful for.
Who doesn’t want that?

Every day I wake up and think about what I am grateful for, it might be birds singing in the tree outside, it could be that my internet finally got sorted or that I loved the txt I got from my son. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is, if I can come up with some things I feel truly grateful for, I feel lifted and happy. It works for me, because as I genuinely feel it, it tends to light the way for the day ahead. It then becomes harder for me to be negative or critical when I’m grateful and happy. The two cannot exist simultaneously. If I am grateful, I cannot also be negative. Therefore, if only positive and happy things can survive, guess what happens next?  Better, more wonderful things appear in my life.
People often comment on why I’m so happy and positive all the time. Well that’s why.
I am living this life, surrounded by all these daily miracles – what’s not to love? Secretly though, what I most appreciate about them, is that sometimes I ask for them, and sometimes I don’t – so when the latter happens, I feel like I won 1st prize.

Everyday my choice is to be grateful. Naturally not all days are the same, and occasionally I have to dig deep to find what ignites the spark, but there’s always something, and that’s the point. I don’t give up till I find something that makes me feel truly grateful. Good news is – it’s open for business to all of us. It doesn’t just happen to me and a few ‘lucky’ people. There are no conditions attached. It’s free, and it’s yours if you want it.
Do you?

Some tips to practise gratitude include:

  • Choose 3 things you are grateful for: person, situation, thing
  • Genuinely acknowledge and bless each thing
  • Feel the power of the joy you hold around this
  • Go on with your day

It’s that simple
It works
Mini miracles anyone?

Gloria Masters
Gloria Masters
[email protected]
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