Keeping the Secret

Keeping the Secret

This youtube video is invaluable in explaining why adult survivors of child sexual abuse struggle to speak out. A very informative and powerful watch.
Children who are sexually abused are told to keep quiet, threatened or just have a knowing that to speak out is dangerous. In this Ted Talk by Kristin Jones, she explains in detail why this is so. Well worth a listen, and may go some way in helping those who are adult survivors and those who support them, understand more fully.
​Love and light to all of you
Gloria Masters
Gloria Masters
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    Suzanne Ashmore
    Posted at 12:48h, 30 July Reply

    Hi Gloria,

    I have ordered a copy of your book. The review in the Sunday Times was amazing. Yes, it is brave to break the silence and speak out, but there is always a time for it. Too early and the speaking can be emotional and devastating, but never too late. I was in my early 60’s when I wrote my book ‘Meltwater.’ The story of my abusive childhood and the Dissociative Identity Disorder that followed. like you I couldn’t get publishers interested because of the content and they have their eye on profits and popularity.
    I went ahead and spent my own money using Mary Egan. I was pleased with her, she gave me great support and encouragement. But she is hellishly expensive. However I was determined that the book get out there and be read. In a way it tied up all my life into a beautiful small bundle which I could hold in my hand. I could say ‘There, I’ve done it and I’ve come out whole and strong.’ The writing process was a mission but so worth it.
    There was interest from media in the book yet I got not a single print review or interview, even after they were promised. I was in the too hard basket! When it came down to it, the interviewers pulled out. Online reviews were thoughtful and very insightful. I appreciated the care with which they were written. For some, the book gave them courage to speak their own truth. And for me, If my book could change one life … That was enough.
    I am pleased to see more women stand tall and let their voices be heard.

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