On Angels’ Wings: My Flight From Trauma To Grace (Gloria’s Memoir)

This extraordinary powerful story of Gloria’s journey from darkness into light is one of hope, resilience and the unrelenting power of the human spirit to survive.

It’s June 1960 and in middle-class suburban New Zealand, a child was born into sex slavery. For the first sixteen years of her life, Gloria suffered horrendous sexual, physical and psychological abuse at the hands of her father, with no one to protect her. From the underworld of her father’s paedophile ring to the groups he trafficked her to, she found an inner strength and a light that shone so brightly, her mind was the one thing that could not be destroyed.

Experienced through the eyes of a child, On Angels’ Wings will forever highlight the way we deal with child abuse, shining a light on this darkness, and challenging us not to assume that every child is safe. One voice speaking out is all it takes to save a life.



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Paperback: 194 pages.
eBook: (EPUB version) – works on Google Play Books, Apple iBooks, Kobo eReader and Barnes & Noble Nook. For Kindle devices please visit Amazon
Audiobook: Narrated by Gloria Masters – 6hr 16 min


About the Author

This is Gloria’s first book and is available in all versions; including audible, on Gloriamasters.com and Amazon. Her phenomenal career includes teaching, child psychotherapy and business consulting. Now the CEO/Founder of the charity Handing the Shame Back Foundation, she has much to offer the world.

Her second book; Flightpath to Healing is a guide for adult survivors of child sexual abuse.