When I was in Dublin recently, a friend gave me E2 by Pam Grout to read. That turned out to be a mistake, because I couldn’t put it down and then struggled to give it back! Everything about it resonated with me as it was about faith beyond what I could see or utilise with my 5 senses. Its theme was around trusting the magic and wonder of the Universe in all its magnificence.
The thing with trust is you either have it or you don’t. It can’t be assumed or expected. Trust is usually earned over a period of time and is mostly justified in the people you give it to. It takes history and experience before you believe it’s deserved and that’s why you won’t trust just anyone. You’re right to be cautious, as once trust is under suspicion it’s never the same again. I liken it to emptying the bath, when the water starts going, it’s not coming back!

But what about trust that goes beyond us to the realm we can’t see or touch? For me it’s my Angels, for you it might be God, Buddha or something else entirely. Regardless of what you call it, we will at some point in our lives turn to this universal love during times of need and despair. Trusting in this ‘beyond ourselves’ phenomena seems to be something we do, when we feel so desperate or worried that we will give anything a go. But what if I was to tell you, it is always there for us, not just in times of desperation or emergency? What if it was always there surrounding us with waves of love and acceptance?

During my childhood and adolescence I learned to go outside of myself to find trust beyond my family, because they just weren’t honest or dependable. It was a house of shadows, lies and coverups. There was no interest or support for me, I was just in the way or useful to either parent whenever it suited them. That meant it was a lonely and confusing existence, but for some reason I was able to connect with an unseen force – my Angels. I would see them, talk to them and feel them around me. I learned to trust them, and it seemed the feeling was reciprocated cos they kept showing up. Now, as an adult, they won’t leave me alone!! They are always there supporting me, loving me and guiding me even when I don’t ask. How lucky am I?

You too, have that possibility, and not just when you’re in the depths of despair. Paradoxically, it will feel easier to try when your mind takes you to ‘I cant do this’, and ‘why me again’ stage. Perhaps next time you’re there, could be the perfect time to give it a go. Initially it will feel unnatural and even weird, but just being open to it can help.  Some simple first steps are:

  • Recognising that life feels too hard and its beyond you
  • Reaching out and asking for help.
  • Imagine it working.
  • Looking for a sign.
  • Paying attention so you notice when it shows up
  • Showing gratitude for it appearing

I’ve found that choosing a sign that is meaningful produces the best results. For me its Butterflies, for you it might be Bumble Bees or Sunflowers. Whatever it is put it out there, then forget about it. Just don’t be surprised if you walk outside the next day and see the Tui you asked for, hopping around on your front lawn. Once you have that sign, start to ask for more things and situations to appear, and watch the magic unfold as your genuine belief and intent start to produce results. Once you have this ‘proof’ do remember to be grateful, as gratitude seems to encourage more of the same appearing in your life.

Sometimes all it takes is trust. Just trust that all is as it should be and that the right thing will happen the way it is meant to. I know that can feel infuriating when you are up against it, I get it. But sometimes when life is hard, that is all we have – trust beyond what we can see. Everything you need is within you, you do have the answers, but when you need a little extra backup or support – put it out there and see what happens.

If you’ve tried everything else – What do you have to lose?

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