Coaching Services

Coaching services

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As many of you are searching for answers and a way forward whether as a survivor, parent or someone connected to this experience. Having a knowledgeable person to talk to is helpful.

As a survivor of 16 years of trauma and child sexual abuse I understand completely what emerges in all impacted by this, whether as a survivor, parent or concerned party.

I offer a listening ear and some practical solutions that may help to support whatever situation you are in. 

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I look forward to working with you

Individual coaching

This is ideal for survivors, parents, teachers & others. It is a safe space for individuals to share their story and get some support and resource. It is also available to further assist adults manage what a child they are related to, or teach has experienced.

30 minutes - USD 60
60 minutes - USD 120

Ideas to support Survivors

This is an opportunity for you to share your concerns and get some ideas on how to manage and support behaviour the survivor in your life shows. It can be challenging to know what to do, to support all involved.

30 minutes - USD 60
60 minutes - USD 120

Small group coaching

This is designed for several groups: 1. Like minded survivors who wish to have a small group session discussing recovery from the trauma of child sexual abuse. 2. Teachers wanting advice on managing children who have been abused, or 3. Parents trying to reconcile the fallout of abuse. Maximum of 4 participants only, and one payment per group.

30 minutes - USD 200
60 minutes - USD 400

Large group coaching

This group session is designed as a collaborative space where people can share ideas and learn from each other, in a safe and supported environment. 


Suitable for Partners, Parents and  Teachers. A maximum of 8 participants only, and one payment per group.

30 minutes - USD 400
60 minutes - USD 800