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Gloria's Guide for Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) Survivors .

To all Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) Survivors out there, this book is for you.

Are you seeking support while navigating your way to recovery?
Are you hoping for insight on reclaiming the life you should have had?
Do you want the freedom to finally shine your light in the world?


Look no further, this step by step guide includes excerpts, teachings and exercises you can try, to start rebuilding your way back to yourself. Beginning with where you are it gently leads you to a more peaceful place of healing. Rediscover the true you and learn to become whole again. Written through the eyes of a CSA Survivor, Gloria fully understands the complex and often confusing things Survivors experience. She is able to provide insight, and a way forward through her own experiences. Her wish for all CSA survivors is to know, they are seen, supported and believed.

Gloria supports adult survivors of child sexual abuse (CSA) in Handing the Shame Back. She does this through her new Foundation:

About Gloria

Gloria Masters is a NZ author and advocate for adults who have experienced child sexual abuse.


She speaks from sixteen years of lived experience and has managed to turn the final corner of healing into giving back. She does this through highlighting the issue of child sexual abuse to help other survivors.


She has just published her second book Flightpath to Healing – A Guide for CSA Survivors,  and is also the Founder and CEO of Handing the Shame Back Foundation.


Introducing Handing the Shame Back Foundation

Wed Sep 14th, 2022

Childhood Sexual Abuse impacts up to 1in3 Adults.
This channel is solely dedicated to supporting these adults.
Welcome, and please feel free to join the conversation. Please visit
for more detailed resource and support.

On Angels Wings - My Flight from Trauma to Grace

This extraordinary story of Gloria’s journey from darkness into light is one of hope, resilience and the unrelenting power of the human spirit to survive.

It’s June 1960, and in middle-class suburban New Zealand, a child was born into sex slavery. For the first sixteen years of her life, Gloria suffered horrendous sexual, physical and psychological abuse at the hands of her father, with no one to protect her. From the underworld of her father’s paedophile ring to the groups he trafficked her to, she found an inner strength and a light that shone so brightly, her mind was the one thing that could not be destroyed.

Experienced through the eyes of a child, On Angels Wings will forever highlight the way we deal with child abuse, shining a light on this darkness, and challenging us not to assume that every child is safe.
One voice speaking out is all it takes to save a life.

Media Interviews

February 21, 2023

Unfiltered Stories

Gloria shares her heartbreaking experience on Unfiltered Stories
February 9, 2023


Gloria joins Jack’d to highlight the issue of child sexual abuse to help other survivors.
January 27, 2023

Girls on Fire

with Lynette Oxley
Gloria interviewed by Girls on Fire, Lynette Oxley.


My blogs are designed to offer some techniques to try, as you navigate your way through post traumatic stress.

You are never alone on this journey.

I stand with you.

If you need help

If you or anyone you know is struggling to deal with child sexual abuse, the following providers can offer support in your region:

New Zealand  Provides support through sharing information and survivor stories

ACC   Counselling and therapy. For free confidential sessions contact ACC Sensitive Claims Unit, 0800 101 996

Safe to Talk  Sexual Harm Helpline, 0800 044 334 or Text 4334, [email protected]

Help Auckland  0800 623 1700

The Harbour  Online support and information for people affected by sexual abuse.
Male Survivors Aotearoa  Helplines across NZ, click to find out more (males only).


RAINN is the largest US support agency for adult survivors of child sexual abuse

United Kingdom

NAPAK – Supporting recovery from childhood abuse
Maggie Oliver Foundation – Helping survivors of abuse


Blue Knot Foundation – advocate for and provide support to people who have experiences of complex trauma, and those who support them, personally and professionally.