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Love to do a retreat but can’t commit to a whole weekend?
Feel as if life is happening to you, instead of for you?
Feel like you are disconnected with who you really are?
Feeling out of control and want to feel centred?


Do any of these sound like you?
Look no further: We have created a suite of sessions with the sole focus of connecting you with you!

A simple Hand signal
A way for children to show they are being abused/not safe

HTSB HAND Signal for Under 16’s


On June 16 2023, Gloria released the hand signal for Under 16’s to use if they are being abused/not safe This has already been adopted and applied. One woman in the US observed a girl of about 11 using the signal and phoned the police, got some help and saved the girl who was being trafficked!


Gloria saw the signal as one way to equip children, should they be in a sexually abusive or a harmful situation. As she herself survived 16 years of child sex trafficking, she is passionate about this simple, yet powerful hand signal.


I wish I’d had a hand signal when I was a kid, it just may have saved me” she says.


NB  This signal originally stems from a women’s group in the US, advocating against domestic violence

Media Interviews

April 12, 2024

The Imagination Podcast

with Emma Katherine
Imagination Podcast interviews Gloria on her mission ‘to help others’ by shining a light onto the darkness through love and humility.
April 3, 2024


Gloria features in Stuff’s article – ‘The silent endemic’: Lifting the taboo on child sexual abuse.
March 14, 2024


with Kristi
Cape Podcast interviews Gloria on her life’s mission: To Save Kids


My blogs are designed to offer some techniques to try, as you navigate your way through post traumatic stress.

You are never alone on this journey.

I stand with you.

Blog - audio versions

Held Captive Blog

Fri Feb 16th, 2024

We often consider that what keeps us imprisoned is not just what happened to us but how other people then treat us. What if I was to tell you that it is your own mind holding you captive, that the thoughts you have can keep you trapped and less than?
Have a good listen here, I think this blog will speak to you.
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If you need help

If you or anyone you know is struggling to deal with child sexual abuse, the following providers can offer support in your region:

New Zealand

Handingtheshameback.org  Provides support through sharing information and survivor stories

ACC   Counselling and therapy. For free confidential sessions contact ACC Sensitive Claims Unit, 0800 101 996

Safe to Talk  Sexual Harm Helpline, 0800 044 334 or Text 4334, [email protected]

Help Auckland  0800 623 1700

The Harbour  Online support and information for people affected by sexual abuse.
Male Survivors Aotearoa  Helplines across NZ, click to find out more (males only).


RAINN is the largest US support agency for adult survivors of child sexual abuse

United Kingdom

NAPAK – Supporting recovery from childhood abuse
Maggie Oliver Foundation – Helping survivors of abuse


Blue Knot Foundation – advocate for and provide support to people who have experiences of complex trauma, and those who support them, personally and professionally.