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It's almost impossible to be visible when a key part of our existence has been hiding in the dark. Being a survivor of child sexual abuse means that we become...

Feeling disappointed and then accepting it is one of life’s many challenges. Commonly appearing as a person letting us down, or something we hadn’t anticipated, disappointment is part of who we...

I love everything about this: The words itself, thought of it, and the impact it has.I know when I’ve been in the company of it, because I feel humbled somehow...

Sometimes for survivors, Xmas can feel traumatic, anxiety provoking and a sense of dread can descend.
Sometimes as survivors we feel like we are made of broken pieces. Seeing a glass fall to the floor and shatter, noticing the shards lying on the floor
Manipulation is the single most powerful tool enablers, gate keepers, and abusers use to shut survivors down.

Out of all the impacts Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) has on us, I think it is shame that has the most to answer for. It is after all Shame that keeps...

Because what happened to us was wrong, it changed everything and we stopped feeling normal, or what had felt normal to us.
With a force more powerful than thunder, they come. With terror inducing, nightmarish strength, they emerge. Unpredictable, unwanted, and definitely unasked for, there is nothing worse
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a disorder that can develop in people who have experienced a shocking, scary, or dangerous event.