Hand Signal for Under 16s

A simple hand signal - a life changing resource for unsafe children


Gloria introduced the hand signal for Under 16’s to use if they are being abused or not safe. Initiated around the globe on June 16, 2023, it has already been adopted and applied. One woman in the US observed a girl of about 11 using the signal and phoned the police. She saved the girl who was being trafficked!

Gloria saw the signal as one way to equip children, should they be in a sexually abusive or a harmful situation. As she herself survived 16 years of child sex trafficking, she is passionate about this simple, yet powerful hand signal.

I wish I’d had a hand signal when I was a kid, it just may have saved me” she says.

NB This hand sign originated in the US, designated for women experiencing domestic violence. When this began being taught in schools (across northern America), for children suffering sexual abuse/harm to adopt, Gloria decided rather than create a new hand signal, she would just Re-release this so children globally had knowledge of it.