Keeping Kids Safe: A Roadmap for Parents, Teachers & Others

“Notice and trust children’s behaviour, over their words: That is where the truth lies.”

Gloria Masters


Keeping Kids Safe: A Roadmap for Parents, Teachers & Others

Did you know that children are at risk of sexual abuse, now more than ever?

While your children are ‘playing on their laptops’ online grooming could be occuring?

Would some tips on how to protect them be useful?

Sexual abuse and grooming of children across the world are both frightening realities, and ways to manage this are desperately needed.

This roadmap is for the parents, teachers, grandparents, and front-line staff everywhere. Resources are instrumental in combatting these predators, and children need practical tools to use.

This book has been written by a survivor of 16 years of child sexual abuse and trafficking and is considered a masterpiece.

Easy to follow, invaluable to use, this is one roadmap you will need to study.




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Audiobook: Narrated by Gloria Masters


About the Author

This is Gloria’s third book and is available in all versions; including audible, on and Amazon. Her phenomenal career includes teaching, child psychotherapy and business consulting. Now the CEO/Founder of the charity Handing the Shame Back Foundation, she has much to offer the world.

Her memoir ‘On Angels Wings’ – My Flight from Trauma to Grace, details sixteen years of unparalleled child sexual abuse and trafficking. Her second book; Flightpath to Healing is a guide for adult survivors of child sexual abuse.