Finding Hope

Finding Hope

Do you ever feel so alone there’s no-one around who gets what you are going through? That they just don’t see it and you can’t spend one more minute talking about it? You’re exhausted, over it and don’t want to deal with anyone or anything else today.
You are not alone. Some of us have days when life is exactly that, when you’re inhabiting a planet all by yourself, there’s no one that can help, and by that, I mean no one you have turned to before.
What I have repeatedly found is the more I look outside of myself for help, the less likely I am to find the right answer.
And I have to start all over again.
Over decades of getting this wrong, I think I’ve found the solution.
The answer lies within.

Friends and family can certainly offer support and mean well. And do keep asking for and accepting it from them. But sometimes when the issue keeps appearing or growing by the day, we need more.
These are the times when we most need to turn off all our inner thoughts and outer voices and go within to that quiet – yep we all have it – that quiet place within, close our eyes and get help.
Again – it resides inside of you.

I first discovered this as a young child, when I was trying to shut out the world around me. I found that when I closed my eyes and went to my little quiet place, I could see beautiful Angels all around me. They felt very loving and calm and gave me what was missing outwardly.
And sometimes that’s all we are looking for, a little hope.

So, this ‘going within’ or quieting the mind, became a habit and eventually morphed into becoming my second nature. I now find I have to do this. My life doesn’t work as well if I don’t. Over time, it’s become clear- I have no choice really. It’s just too hard otherwise.
The benefits are profound, and this 15-minute window a day is without question the number one thing that keeps me calm, joyful and grounded.

I’ve also discovered this process does more than quiet my frenetic mind or calm a stressful day. It connects me with another part of myself that accesses the depth of who I am.
I sense that depth is the soul part of me, that connects me straight to my Angels.
This depth lives within all of us and is attainable and accessible 24 hours a day. There is no wait time or queue. We don’t need to have a certain income to qualify. It’s a direct dial with immediate assistance provided.
It works and it works every time, and the more we use it, the more effective and helpful it becomes. We could be forgiven for wondering why it’s not being sold as the deal of the century.

Beginning with that 15 minutes a day is all it takes. Everything else seems to flow from that. There is no pressure, there is no stress, rather just find your pace, place and time. The rest will follow. Once meditation becomes a habit, it will feel easier to do. The formula I use is:

  • Going to a quiet room and closing the door
  • Allowing 15 mins of uninterrupted time
  • Playing gentle/relaxing music or listening to some guided meditation.
  • When thoughts come to mind, focusing on the breath
  • Noticing the quiet part of the mind
  • Breathing deeply throughout

The good news is, you can’t get this wrong and the benefits of persevering may surprise you. I used to feel like a complete failure at meditating until I heard the Dalai Lama being interviewed on this very thing. It went something like this:

Interviewer ‘Your Holiness, with your powerful mind you must be so pleased to be able to meditate so completely for 30 minutes at a time’
Dalai Lama ‘Laughs’, then states: ‘I wish that were true. Some days I’m lucky if I have managed to meditate for 1 minute out of the 30.’

The Point Being: If His Holiness can’t do it perfectly, why would the rest of us be able to?

There is no ‘right’ way
Do it your way
There’s nothing to lose

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Gloria Masters
Gloria Masters
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