Perception is interesting because whatever we perceive something to be becomes our reality. Not necessarily other people’s, just ours. We seem able to look at the exact same situation and come away with a different view on it totally believing we have the only view that matters, in other words, the right view. So how is that possible, how can perception vary so widely between people, groups and countries?
​I believe we gain our view or perception of the world through our history, our childhoods, the way we feel about ourselves, and our personal baggage. We each bring with us experiences and history unique to us resulting in core beliefs, values and feelings that merge into how we perceive life. This is what makes us different, see the world our way, and highlight why some of us seem to cope with whatever life throws at us while others tend to feel completely overwhelmed and unable to cope.

Perception is never more highlighted than through Covid19. We are all in shock, we are anxious and scared and as time passes frustrated. There are some who cannot bear what is happening because it is too painful to accept the anxiety it provokes, there are others of us who are coping well with the enforced lockdown and finding some positives to celebrate.
Wherever we individually sit on this, there is no right or wrong – there just is.

For those of us who are enjoying aspects of the lockdown, there will be resilience and acceptance which will have formed and be growing.
For those of us who are struggling with anxiety and fear, there will be a concern that this will take over our lives and become a never-ending battle.
Wherever your belief lies, know that self-acceptance and self -love are never more important than right now. Trust how you feel, honour that you can name it. Being told you are wrong to feel worried or scared has the tendency to make you feel worse. Be proud of how you feel about this. If possible, try to talk to a trusted person who lets you be who you are without judgement or recrimination.

For those feeling calm and accepting throughout this time, honour where you also sit. If you are holding faith that you will emerge from this better than before, accept that about yourself. Daily self-validation and kindness to self are worth more than any news item you read online.

Know that at this time in the world, regardless of how we feel, we can make use of this time. We can spend time doing some of the things we never thought we would get time to, and even potentially develop our natural talents. Some simple ways may be:

  • Doing some things that nurture ourselves
  • Beginning that online meditation class
  • Investigating that design module, we heard about last year
  • Starting that painting project
  • Sourcing the ingredients to begin that cooking class

Whatever it happens to be, is only important as long as it fuels excitement and creates a sense of motivation, that’s our sign its right for us. Of course, it won’t take away all the concerns we hold, there will still be a part of us that struggles with this virus.

If however, the struggle is growing out of control, here’s a couple of things I recommend that help to shift any negativity or self-judgment:

  • Send acceptance to myself
  • Validate myself – by recognising one small action I took to self-care
  • Put it in perspective – it might not be as big an issue in a week’s time
  • Send love to the anxious and scared parts of myself
  • Surround myself with love from beyond – Angels Wings help
  • Let it go

Have a fabulous weekend everybody know that we will get through this together.

Gloria Masters
Gloria Masters
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