Timing is interesting because we don’t always understand why something is happening the way it is at the time it is. Usually we are impatiently expecting a situation to occur when we want it to and we either push or try to control the situation so that everything appears in front of us in the exact way we require it.
Have you ever noticed how when things don’t work out the way we expect them to there’s always a reason for it? That though they unfold differently and much later than we had ever thought possible, it was actually better in the end? There’s a reason for all of it and the quote ‘Things will work out – maybe just not the way you planned’ comes to mind.

What if we began to consider that there may be some Angels working quietly in the background who see and hear things we don’t, who know that it’s not in our best interests for our dreams to unfold the way we decided they should. What if instead we chose to believe that we are on the right path and being led.

I have many examples in my own life where this is the case and none more recently than the book I am about to publish.

I had decided over two years ago that I would publish this book and it would be picked up by a major publisher and be across the world very quickly. Wrong. I have now approached over 100 publishers who have all said, No thanks. Naturally I was devastated and lost a bit of confidence until I realised that traditional publishers keep 90% of the revenue and as I am ‘just the author’ would only get 10%. I felt I had no choice left but to consider self publishing and
did some research to discover that 100% of the royalties come to me as the author. Mini Miracle number one.

Step one was finding a top book designer, I went ahead and though part of me wanted to do it on the cheap, something inside said – ‘Go for the best you can find, you’ve only got one shot at getting this right’. I started doing some research and found not only the best, but someone who immediately dropped their price for me. Their first design suggestion was perfect and the one I am going with. Mini Miracle number two.

Finally I approached Mike King (celebrity who champions mental health in New Zealand) to write the foreword for my book. No response, and yes, he’s very busy and in demand, but I really wanted to hear from him to discuss this. I was running a workshop a week later, and one of the attendees was Mike King’s administrator! She explained she had printed off the email to ‘hand to Mike’ that morning. Getting goosebumps yet? Mini Miracle number three.

I don’t know about you, but right there magic was occurring. The reality is we can’t change a situation, but we can change how we see it and for me I choose to see what happened as the right and only path forward to go ahead and get the book published.

Of course, you may have a different viewpoint on this, but I am learning, the more I trust what is happening the more likely magic is to occur at the right time.

If you have a situation where things are not working out the way you wish they would please consider allowing the possibility that it’s just not meant to, and your Angels are either keeping you safe from harm, or waiting for the best option to reveal itself.

I know for me, that this is now the magic in my life.
Be well, look after the wonderful person you are and know that all is well.
Timing is everything.

Gloria Masters
Gloria Masters
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